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Pest Control, Proudly Serving: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Also Serving Alabama and Louisiana
Havard is a full-service comprehensive exterminator and we specialize in regional pests including crickets, spiders, ants, roaches, flies, bees and wasps, ticks, mosquitos, ants, mice and rats.


Since 1947 we have been the regional expert extermination team eradicating crickets in the Hattiesburg area and surrounding communities including Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. We will find the entry and exit points of your cricket infestation and exterminate them efficiently and in a quick time frame and at a reasonable rate. Call Havard now for more information or a free quote.
Cricket - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS


For over 70 years we’ve been exterminating spiders from local homes and business. We can remove the spider problem from your home thoroughly and effectively in Mississippi, Louisiana & Alabama. We are experienced, knowledgeable and confident that we can solve your spider problem.
Spider - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS


If you have evidence that an ant colony might be infiltrating your property give Havard a call immediately. We have the chemical solution to your ant colony problem. We are happy to serve you and offer a free inspection, consultation and quote for all of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.
Ant - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS


Do it yourself roach treatments on average simply don’t work and can escalate in cost quickly. Call the professionals at Havard to eradicate your home of roaches and make it a roach free haven restoration quickly and effectively.
Cockroach - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS


Our expert team of extermination pest control professionals can inspect your home for flies, maggots and their eggs and ensure that with proper treatment your home will be free of flies. We can restore your life to one without flies. Call Havard for an inspection and a quote.
Fly - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS

Bees & Wasps:

We must advise against any attempt to do it yourself with a bee or wasp problem in Mississippi, Louisiana, or Alabama. These are dangerous even lethal pests and you need the expertise of a professional team to properly handle these pests. We have the knowledge of bees and wasps and the professional skills required to restore safe pest free to your property. Call Havard now if you suspect an infestation of bees or wasps today!
Bee - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS


Havard is a family owned and operated business and we have extensive experience in controlling ticks. For protection against these dangerous parasites, call us today for an inspection, consultation or free quote today!
Tick - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS


We will inspect your property and then exterminate the entire area of mosquitoes with properly executed controlled spraying techniques so that you can enjoy the outdoors of your property again without the threat of mosquitoes. Our headquarters are in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with service in Alabama, and Louisiana. Call us now for a consultation, inspection or quote.
Mosquito - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS

Mice & Rats:

Havard has been exterminating rats and mice in the Hattiesburg area for over 70 years and we are confident that we can leave your home in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana completely rodent free of rats and mice. Don’t try and handle it yourself. If you need rat or mouse control call us immediately.
Mice - Pest Control in Hattiesburg, MS