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Types of Spiders in in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana

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Spiders are a type of indoor pest that is not easy to take care of by the DIY homeowner. Because spiders' bodies are raised off the ground by long, spindly legs, sprays and repellants that are effective on other insects may not kill spiders. Therefore, it is important to call on an experienced exterminator if you have a problem with spiders in your home.

Residents of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama share a zone with three venomous spider species:

  • The Brown Recluse
  • The Black Widow
  • The Brown Widow

What to Look For

Adult brown recluse spiders often have a distinctive violin shape on their backs, but young brown recluse spiders may not have the identifying mark. Black widow spiders are black and shiny with a bright red hourglass shape on their abdomens. The black widow's cousin, the brown widow, is dark in color and has striped legs, with an orange hourglass on the underside of the abdomen.

Although brown recluse and black widow bites are more dangerous than those of a brown widow, any spider bite can be scary and concerning. However, it is difficult to identify a spider bite specifically without seeing the spider itself. People who live in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama should avoid reaching into quiet, dark areas of the house or yard without gloves. This includes grabbing wood from wood piles, reaching into dark corners of the garden or cleaning under the house. Brown recluse spiders often hide in areas unoccupied by humans, like corners of the closet or in shoes under the bed. Shake out your clothes and check your shoes before putting them on.


Make sure spiders don't become a problem in your own home. Call the professionals to prevent a problem before it starts. Because spiders are often reclusive, you may not be aware that they are living in the same space as you and your family. A professional can thoroughly inspect your home and help you stop spiders in their tracks.

The Brown Widow VS. The Black Widow

Studies have shown that the Brown Widow spider is much less dangerous than it's cousin; The Black Widow. They are usually brown with white stripes and their webs are just as sticky and messy as a Black Widow web. However, a bite from a Brown Widow is much less common than a Black Widow, though some scientists claim that the venom of a Brown Widow is more powerful. Either way, We are sure you don't want any of these 3 spiders roaming around your home or yard. If you notice signs of their presence give us a ring and we will make sure your home is safe.


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