Everything You Should Know About Effective Spider Control For Birmingham Homes

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Spider webs are an unfortunate byproduct of spider infestations.

Spiders are a pest often found in homes throughout the Birmingham area. However, many homeowners don’t know how to combat these pests and remove them from their homes safely. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the basic principles of spider control in Birmingham, Alabama. We’ll start by helping you determine whether the spiders you find in your home are dangerous or not. After that, we’ll discuss some common symptoms of spider bites, as well as some more concerning symptoms that you should watch out for. Then, we’ll talk about some practical tips and tricks for keeping spiders away from your home. 

Finally, we’ll review the best method for removing spiders from your home quickly and safely – working with a professional pest control company, such as our team at Havard Pest Control. We’re committed to helping local residents with any pest problem they face, so let’s get started.

Spider webs are an unfortunate byproduct of spider infestations.

How To Tell If The Spider In Your Home Is Dangerous 

While there are many types of spiders found in the Birmingham area, most of the common house spiders don’t pose any danger to humans. However, two spider species, in particular, are much more dangerous than the others. These two species are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.

Black widow spiders are usually easy to identify. They are shiny black and have a distinct red mark on the underside of their abdomens, similar to an hourglass or two red triangles. Brown recluse spiders are a bit more difficult to identify. They vary from light to dark brown and usually have a dark brown marking on their backs, which resembles a fiddle or violin. You should avoid these two dangerous spiders if at all possible.

Some Spider Bites Are More Dangerous Than Others 

While most spiders are capable of biting humans, spider bites aren’t usually anything to worry about. Typical symptoms of a spider bite include swelling, redness, pain, and itching, similar to insect bites or stings. 

However, there are some more unusual symptoms you should watch out for. If a spider bite causes nausea, trouble breathing, muscle aches, fever, headaches, intense pain, or severe swelling, you should seek medical attention right away. These symptoms are commonly experienced by victims of black widow or brown recluse bites. The bites of these highly venomous spiders can be fatal if not treated quickly.

Spider Prevention Tips That Work 

Now that you know more about the dangers these pests present, let’s discuss a few things you can do to keep them from invading your home. Here’s how to prevent spiders from getting inside:

  • Seal any gaps or cracks in the exterior of your home.
  • Reduce excess moisture in and around your home.
  • Clean up cluttered areas, such as garages, basements, and attics.
  • Use a long-handled broom to remove spider webs.
  • Keep window and door screens in working condition. 

Following these steps will help you protect yourself and your family from the threat of spider invasions. If you need help getting rid of spiders in Birmingham, you can always contact our team at Havard Pest Control.

Experience Peace Of Mind: Choose Professional Spider Control 

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